Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

Grünewald: Prussian Hussars

The first Prussian cavalry is here, the Malachowski Hussar regiment.

The nice thing about this unit is that they get to carry standards - by default the Prussian Hussars didn't carry their standards in the SYW, but the Malachowski Hussars and one other unit were allowed to take some captured French standards with them into the field.

2nd Volterrania: Commander and Sharpshooters

The last few infantry soldiers for my WH40K / Tallarn / Desert Rats project are here: Sharpshooters and a general.
Il Commandante - the general for my small recce troup
Il Commandante with a few of his men
Halfling sharpshooters for the HQ troup and as infantry support

Command vehicle (one of the wheeled desert Chimeras) with the general and a small HQ squad

Dienstag, 19. April 2016

SoM NNL Replay - standings after five days

I can't resist summing up near-daily standings, so here are the results after five games.
Let's see when the next update will make sense, I guess after a calendar week or so - after these first five game days, the season schedule starts to insert the occasional travel or rest day to avoid too frantic a pace and give starters a change to rest a little despite the weekly double headers.

National Negro League

Pos.TeamRecordWin %GB
1Chicago American Giants
2St. Louis Stars
3Kansas City Monarchs

Eastern Colored League

Pos.TeamRecordWin %GB
1New York Lincoln Giants
2Homestead Grays
3Hilldale Daisies

SoM NNL Replay: HIL@KC game 2 - a pitchers' duel

Note to the reader: I am pleasantly surprized to see rather many accesses to these Stratomatic replays, more than I usually get on these pages. I do hope you are enjoying the replay, and encourage you to leave a quick comment to say hallo. 

Having finished the first five game days, this replay might go on a kind of hiatus for some time as I switch my attention to some other gaming pursuits, but I'm sure I'll pick it up again some time later this year and will continue to post game reports here. 

So here's the game report for another 4th of July game, game two of a three game series in Kansas City.
To begin the festivities, neither team can grab a decisive advantage as teams trade some isolated runs and errors. 
With two outs in the bottom of the fifth, Wilson hits a liner into the gap between center and right. Pete Hill throws a one hopper to Mackey, just in time, but Mackey misses with the tag on Oms who is trying to score from first and he slides in safely to take a 2-1 lead for the Monarchs.
In the sixth, the Monarchs tack on another run on a sac fly from Malarcher to score Torriente. 
The Daisies try to start a two out mini rally in the seventh, with Blackwell reaching on a single. But Powell with a quick pitch and Santop with a perfect throw to Moore catch Blackwell stealing to end the inning.
Both pitchers start giving up some walks around the fourth inning, but otherwise deliver very respectable outings for this duel of the number five startes of both franchises. In fact, in the season so far there have been very few low scoring games that did not involve one or both of these two teams, 
Powell takes the win, allowing just one run on five hits, striking out 3 and walking four. Streeter takes the loss despite delivering a very solid eight innings, allowing three runs (two earned) on seven hits with three strikeouts and a single walk (so much for the value of the pitcher win-loss stats... but that's not really new news, I guess).

W:W Powell
L:S Streeter

Hilldale Daisies001000000152
Kansas City Monarchs10001100x371

Hilldale Daisies
C Blackwell 301010
P Hill 401100
C Torriente 301010
W Wells 401001
B Mackey 300011
S Pennington 400000
C Taylor 300010
B DeMoss 410000
S Streeter 301001
J Gardner 100000

E- C Taylor (1), B DeMoss (1)
2B- C Torriente (1)

CS- C Blackwell (1)

S Streeter 8.0732130

Kansas City Monarchs
J Benjamin 410001
A Oms 310011
J Wilson 402100
O Johnson 402100
R Cannady 412000
L Santop 400000
D Moore 401000
D Malarcher 200101
W Powell 200000

E- D Moore (1)
2B- J Wilson (1), O Johnson (1)
Sac- D Malarcher (1), W Powell (1)

W Powell 9.0510430

Mittwoch, 13. April 2016

SoM NNL Replay: HIL@KC game 1, 5-4

After an unfortunate 0-3 start to the season the visitors from Hilldale are looking to get back on track behind starter Hensley, but so are the Monarchs after their ace Paige started the season with an unusual loss. Both teams scored less than three runs a game so far.

In the first, the Daisies only manage to put two runners on via walks but can't advance them. The Monarchs draw first blood, starting the game with consecutive singles and a two RBI double from Wilson who goes on to have a field day with four hits.

In the third, the Hilldales get back into the game despite Santops fantastic throw to catch Pete Hill stealing. Torriente singles and Wells hits the ball over center fielder Benjamin's head and just barley over the fence to tie the game. However, in the home half of the inning, Johnson takes back the lead for KC with an RBI single.

In the fifth, Hill takes Santop by surprize by trying another steal on the first pitch to Torriente. Trying to repeat his earlier feat of catching the fleet footed centerfielder, Santop air mails the throw into center field and allows Hill to take third. However, Torriente lines out to second to end the inning without a score.

The next three half innings all see batters hit into double plays, but at least Lundy does it with no outs in the bottom of the sixth and manages to score Cannady who had reached on a nice double.
Havong tied the game in the seventh, the Hilldales try to take the lead on a hard hit double from Taylor. However, with a monster throw from the center field fence to catcher Santop, Monarchs center fielder Benjamin nails Superman Pennington as he tries to score from first base, somthe game remains tied going into the bottom of the eighth.

In the ninth, the Hilldales bring in a pinchnhitter and then Currie to pitch. The Monarchs, who have used their one reliever for three consecutive games already, don't have that flexibility and keep in winters who does get visibly tired as the game goes into extra innings and cannot prevent the Daisies from scoring one more unanswered run in the tenth to take the victory.

Notable individual perfomances in this close game include Taylor and Jud Wilson going 4 for 5, Malarcher going 3 for 4 batting eighth, Benjamin's outfield assist and Santop throwing out two runners trying to steal second.

W:R Currie
L:N Winters
Hilldale Daisies00200020015130
Kansas City Monarchs20100100004161

Hilldale Daisies
C Blackwell 511001
P Hill 402210
C Torriente 411010
W Wells 422210
B Mackey 501001
S Pennington 401010
C Taylor 514100
B DeMoss 501000
E Hensley 300001
J Gardner 100000

2B- W Wells (1), C Taylor (1)
3B- C Taylor (1)
HR- W Wells (1)
SB- C Blackwell (1), P Hill (1), B DeMoss (1)

E Hensley 8.01544120
R Currie 2.0100010

Kansas City Monarchs
J Benjamin 411010
A Oms 522000
J Wilson 504200
O Johnson 502100
R Cannady 511001
L Santop 502002
D Lundy 400000
D Malarcher 403000
N Winters 401000

E- L Santop (1)
2B- J Wilson (1), R Cannady (1), D Malarcher (1)

N Winters 10.01355431

Donnerstag, 7. April 2016

SoM NNL Replay: LIN @ HOM 16-5, Giants split the series

NYL @ HOM game 2: holiday fireworks

In the duel of the number five starters, the Grays try to get to a winning record and the Giants try to remain at the top of the standings.

The Giants have another furious start to the game, scoring two on a walk, a single, a double and a sac fly. However, Grays centerfielder Baro ties the game with a twomrun homer in the bottom of the first.

In the third, the Giants continue to hit hard in a two out rally. A badly mishandled line drive makes Baro look bad at first, but when Spoony Palm homers two at bats later, it turns out Baro only robbed him of a grand slam. The inning becomes a big one when the bottom of the Giants order wakes up and pitcher Holland helps his own cause with an RBI double scoring and Charleston coming to bat for the second time in the inning but grounding out to Carr to end the inning with a 7-2 lead.

In the fourth, that becomes an 8-2 lead as Beckwith scores on a passed ball. The beats continue in the fifth - Cockrell can't quite dispatch the Giants' bottom of the order, walking Bankhead who is advanced by a sac bunt from Holland and  single from Charleston before Beckwith belts a screaming liner over the left field fence for another three runs. Then Scales advances to third as replacement short stop air mails an unnecessary throw into right field and is brought home by a Suttles line drive.

Suttles scores on two more close singles, and with Bankhead single the Giants bottom three come to bat once again in this inning. The inning ends with a strikeout for the pitcher Holland and a score of 16-2.

Will Cockrell even be able to eat the remaining innings at all? The sixth sees him load the bases once again on an error, a walk and a bloop single, but this time he manages to pitch out of the jam with two Ks and a grounder to third. After that, either Cockrell has found his bearings again or, more likely, the Giants are stepping off the gas a little after all the fireworks.

In the last two innings, the Grays even manage to get a few men on base, steal a couple of bases and score three runs to make the final result a slightly less devastating 16-5 which leaves a little bit of hope that the Grays might still be alive even while two of their starting players are injured. But the fourth of July fireworks were clearly provided by the visiting Giants who bat around twice and record a monster performance with 16 runs (15 earned) on a total of 23 hits.

Box Score

W:B Holland
L:P Cockrell

New York Lincoln Giants20518000016230
Homestead Grays2000000125123

New York Lincoln Giants
O Charleston 521010
J Beckwith 645301
T Scales 513101
M Suttles 524211
R Dixon 622102
S Palm 622300
S Bankhead 533110
R Parnell 602201
B Holland 501102

2B- M Suttles (2), S Bankhead (1), B Holland (1)
3B- R Parnell (1)
HR- J Beckwith (1), S Palm (1)
Sac- T Scales (1), B Holland (1)
SB- O Charleston (2)

Homestead Grays
T Carr 501001
C Smith 524100
J Gibson 501000
B Baro 311211
V Harris 402100
A Radcliff 402000
N Robinson 310011
B Monroe 411100
P Cockrell 400000
E- B Baro (1), N Robinson (2)
HR- B Baro (1)
SB- N Robinson (1), B Monroe (1)

P Cockrell 9.0231615382

Dienstag, 29. März 2016

SoM NNL Replay: LIN@HOM 3-5

NYL @ HOM game 1: 3-5 - first loss for the New York team

In the first game of a two game series, the home team Grays started the season with several infield injuries and have to see how well Monroe, Radcliff and Robinson can keep going until Lloyd and Warfield return, beginning with the Homestead season opener today.
They are up against New York pitcher William Bell, a tolerable batter, so we will see who will score better - the Giants who are fresh off sweeping Hilldale in their first away series of the season, or the Grays who want to see their fans off to a good home start after a win and two close losses in St. Louis.
The Grays come out of the gates in the first inning like they have something to prove. Temporary leadoff Carr singles and current no. three hitter Gibson hits one over the right field fence for a 2-0 lead to start the game.
In the bottom of the fifth, Carr (reaching on a throwing error from pitcher Bell with two outs) and Gibson with another homer repeat their two-run drill from the first to make it a 4-0 game for the home team.
Grays starter Tom Williams has good control in the early stages of the game, taking a one hitter past the sixth inning with only two walks and five Ks in the first half of the game. However, in the bottom of the sixth he strains a hamstring running out a popup to second base and needs to be replaced.
The Giants manage to score two quick runs off reliever Wickware who still seems to be tired from yesterday's start. However, the Grays score another run in the bottom of the seventh and Chet Brewer gets a two inning save despite allowing one more run in the top of the last to bring the Grays to an even 2-2 record to start the season.

W:T Williams
L:W Bell
SV:C Brewer
New York Lincoln Giants000000201351
Homestead Grays20002010x5110

New York Lincoln Giants
O Charleston 400001
J Beckwith 400002
T Scales 300010
M Suttles 310011
R Dixon 422001
S Bankhead 200110
R Parnell 401100
F Duncan 402101
W Bell 300000

E- W Bell (1)
2B- R Dixon (1)
Sac- S Bankhead (1)
SB- R Dixon (1)

W Bell 8.01153322

Homestead Grays
T Carr 522000
C Smith 410011
J Gibson 422400
B Baro 403000
V Harris 401000
A Radcliff 301110
N Robinson 300011
B Monroe 402000
T Williams 200000
C Brewer 100000

2B- B Monroe (1)
HR- J Gibson (2)
Sac- T Williams (1)

T Williams 6.0100260
F Wickware 1.0222100
C Brewer 2.0211000